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For Women's Month we revisit the old myth that women aren't funny. Bonnie McFarlane writer and director of Women Aren't Funny visits FriendsLikeUs!

Bonnie Mcfarlane: HBO's "One Night Stand", "Letterman", "Tonight Show", Red Eye, Colin Quinn's Cop Show, and podcast - "My Wife Hates Me."

Pat Brown: Writer/Comic, BET, The Movie "White Water".

Sade Pilot: Young inspiring comedian, Performed on Sister's of Comedy at Gotham Comedy Club.


Always Hosted by Marina Franklin: "The Nightly Show" , "Jim Gaffigan" and "@Midnight", "Women Who Kill"

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On this FriendsLikeUs  We discuss data/statistics when it comes to attractiveness and we find.. you'll have to listen! So much more..Can we be Post Racial?

Mona Chalabi: Lead writer @fivethirtyeight, occasionally NPR news, formerly Guardian News

Christina Greer: "Nightly Show" with Larry Wilmore, Political Scientist,  Proffesor at Fordham University. Analyst, Author of Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration and the Pursuit of the American Dream.

Christina's Book on Amazon

Pat Brown: Comedian/Writer In the movie "White Water". Gotham Comedy Live

Sade Pilot: Young aspiring comedian. Marina's special baby.

Always Hosted by: Marina Franklin from "Women Who Kill" on Showtime and Netflix.

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This week Features:

Agunda Okeyo: Writer and Producer of Sisters of Comedy at Gotham

Pat Brown: Comedian, writer, Movie:"White Water",

Sade Pilot: Young Comedian

Always Hosted by


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This week's podcast features young female comedians of color..Oh my god they are so cute!


Sade Pilot AKA "Angry Baby" - Young inspiring comdian

Sydnee Washington- Host of her own once a month show Comedy Show at Karma Lounge.

Marie Faustin: Host w/ Sydnee and YouTube Sensation!


Always Hosted by Marina Franklin: Netflix/Showtime "Women Who Kill" "The Nightly Show"

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We talk sex  street fights with Special Guest..

Dante Nero: "Black List" and Podcast The Beige Phillip Show

Featured Women of Color..

Pat Brown: Movie "White Water" , Comedy Writer, Gotham Comedy Live @patbrownshow

Sade Pilot: Young comic/my angry baby @gooFthink

Sharron Paul: Producer of Comedy Show "Cheap Date" @sharroni

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Comedian Keith Robinson visits and bullies Marina on her panties. Catch him on Comedy Central's Back of the Bus Funny..

Subha Agarwal: Fusion Live TV, Comedian @subhah

Pat Brown: Movie "White Water", Comedy Writer, Gotham Comedy Live, @patbrownshow

Juanita Dworman- Mother, Works at the Village underground/Comedy Cellar.

Always Hosted by:

Marina Franklin: "Women Who Kill" on Netflix and Showtime

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This week's Podcast Features:

Erin Jackson - Aspire- "Exhale TV"

Pat Brown- Upcoming Movie "White Water"

Sade Pilot- Young Comic/My angry baby


Always Hosted by Marina Franklin - Netflix "Women Who Kill"

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Marina Franklin (Seen on Netflix Women Who Kill)  Hosts:

Featuring this week:

Gina Brillon : Hour Comedy Special, "Pacifically Speaking" produced by Gabriel Iglesias on NuVo TV. upcoming Fluffy Movie w/Babriel.

Pat Brown:Comedian/Writer Upcoming Movie "White Water". @PatBrownShow

Sade Pilot: Young aspiring comedian Twitter handle @gooFThink

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We talk Political Correctness

Marina Franklin: "Women Who Kill" on Netflix and Showtime Hosts this podcast with:

Special Guest:

Artie Lange : Howard Stern Show, MAD TV, And the Artie Lange Show. "The Stench of Failure" Comedy Special. New Podcast :"The Artie Quitter Podcast" Twitter handle @artiequitter

Featured women of color for this show:

Michelle Buteau: Nick Lachey's CoHost on VH1's Big Morning Buzz @missmichellebuteau

Sade Pilot: Young aspiring Comedian. @goofThink

Pat Brown: Comedian/Writer, Upcoming Movie "White Water". @PatBrownShow

Special Thanks to Stephen Calabria! 

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Marina Franklin- from "Women Who Kill" on Netflix and Showtime Hosts:

This week Part 1 Features:

Pat Brown: Upcoming Movie "White Water", Comedian/Writer, @patbrownshow

Subhah Agarwal : Comedian Central


Erin Jackson: Talk Show "ExhaleTV" on Aspire. @EJthecomic


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