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Marina Franklin Host

This week features:

Vaness Fraction: Def Jam, Barber Shop 2

Pat Brown:  Gotham Live, Upcoming Movie, "White Water"

Subhah Agarwal: Comedy Central 


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Hosted by: Marina Franklin- Comedian/ Chappelle Show,Netflixe's Women Who Kill, @Midnight 

This week's podcast features:

Zainab Johnson: Last Comic Standing, Showtime. Feature act most recently for Russel Peters at Madison Square Garden!

Pat Brown: Comedian- Gotham Live, Will be seen in upcoming movie "White Water"!

Sydnee Washington: Upcoming/Young Comedian - Host her own show at  Karma Bar NYC !


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Always hosted by Marina Franklin (Comedian)

This week features:

Pat Brown: Gotham Live, Writer for Comedian Sommore, Comedian.


Zainab Johnson: Last Comic Standing, Feature act for Russel Peters this Month


Sharron Paul - Comedian and Host of Cheap Date Comedy Show

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Agunda Okeyo: Producer of Sister's of Comedy

Sade Pilot: Comedian

Zainab Johnson: Last Comic Standing


Hosted by Marina Franklin

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This week features:

Phoebe Robinson- Time Out New York voted "Top Comic in New York".

Janelle James Comedian on the Rise

Zainab Johnson- Last Comic Standing


Always Hosted by: Marina Franklin 

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This week's podcast features:

Zainab Johnson- Last Comic Standing

Erin Jackson- Last Comic Standing, Exhale on ASPiRE

Sade Pilot - New Comic( my angry baby)


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This week Features:

Marion Grodin- Author of Standing Up- A memoir of a funny(not so always) life

Michele Balan- Last Comic Standing-

Robin Montague- Writer for the View, Chris Rock Show, Pootie Tang, BET 

Always Hosted by Marina Franklin


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This week features:

Liza Dye (UCB, Comedian)

Agunda Akeyo (Producer of Sisters of Comedy @Gotham Comedy Clyb)

Sade Pilot (Comedian)


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FriendsLikeUs podcast

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Podcast this week Features:

Marion Grodin(Comedian and Author of Standing up - A memoir)

Zainab Johnson- NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comic View

Keisha Zollar- (kickstarter for - An uncomfortable conversation about race)

Sade Pilot- Young Comedian Hot on the scene


Always Hosted by, Marina Franklin (Comic- Comedy Central, Netflix)

Podcast Featuring Women of Color with Very Different Views on Hot Topics. 


This week featuring: Janelle James(Comedianne), Sade Pilot(Comedianne), and Robin Montague(writer for Sherri Shepard)

Always Hosted by: Marina Franklin

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