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Friends Like Us

A Podcast featuring women of color with different views on hot topics. 

Jun 26, 2024

Tamara Payne, Nonye Brown-West and Troy Laraviere visit Friends Like Us and discuss pulitzer prize winner's Les Payne's and Tamara's book : The Dead Are Arising: The Life Of Malcom X and more with host Marina Franklin.

Tamara Payne -Tamara Payne is co-author of The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X written with...

Jun 19, 2024

Rachel Feinstein and Keith Robinson share insights into their creative processes, the importance of resilience, and why they continue to push their boundaries. The episode is filled with humorous anecdotes, practical advice for young comedians, and an inspirational message to keep striving no matter the...

Jun 12, 2024

Mugga, Rita Brent, and Joanna Briley visit friends and talk about the upcoming Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest , Rita Brent's new song: gospel version of  â€œBleach-blonde, Bad-built, Butch body and more with host Marina Franklin! 

Rita Brent is an award-winning comedian, musician, and military veteran. She grew up in...

Jun 5, 2024

This week Mia Jackson and Brandon Collins visit Friends Like Us for a honest conversation about growing up with skewed or limited black history and more with host Marina Franklin.

Brandon Collins is a versatile screenwriter, comedian and podcaster who has performed at the SXSW and New York Comedy Festival, and has had...