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Friends Like Us

A Podcast featuring women of color with different views on hot topics. 

Mar 16, 2016

This week friends discuss: Trump dominating news, Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone, Kerry Washington as activist, Sweden is loud at night when it comes to sex, Urination in your Kelloggs Cereal, and more ..
Featured Guests: Erin Jackson-"Last Comic Standing", Co-host for "Exhale" on Aspire TV, NFL Network's Top Ten; Aida Rodriguez- Last Comic Standing Finalist, NuVo TV- Stand up and Deliver and "Gotham Live"V; Pat Brown- BET, The Movie "White Water", Winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Comedy writer,
Always Hosted by Marina Franklin: "Trainwreck", "Louie Season V","The Jim Gaffigan Show" and "Conan O'Brien".