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Friends Like Us

A Podcast featuring women of color with different views on hot topics. 

Jan 30, 2019

Nitika Chopra Nitika Chopra is a woman on a mission to inspire radical self-love- in addition to being an entrepreneur, blogger, chronic illness advocate, and TV host. At 10 years old, she was diagnosed with psoriasis. At 19, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. For years after her diagnosis, she was unable to move without experiencing pain. Her diagnosis and its effects left her battling “pain, insecurity, confusion, and depression.” She has since made it a priority to “be more committed to her happiness than to her suffering" and inspire others to do the same. She shares her perspective and advice on living with chronic illness on her blog and her newly launched lifestyle podcast, The Point of Pain.Fun fact: She just launched her own podcast called The Point of Pain recently. Check it out!

Chloe Hilliard is a journalist turned stand up comedian and writer who was a culture/entertainment journalist for The Village Voice, Essence, Vibe, King, and The Source.  She’s appeared on CNN Headline News, ABC News, Our World with Black Enterprise and C-Span for her expertise on Hip-Hop. Her work has been featured in Best African American Essays: 2009She made her national TV debut on NBC’s smash hit “Last Comic Standing” and has since appeared on AXSTV’s “Gotham Comedy Live,” Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” Tru TV’s”Almost Genius.” and MTV’s “Acting Out.” Fun Fact: She’s also author of the upcoming book FUCK YOUR DIET” dropping in September from Simon & Schuster.

Tracee Loren is a New York-based writer, TV host, and actress. She hosted and penned a very popular Internet show called TV Quickie with Nikki. Later, she worked as an on-air reporter for ESPN Mobile, covering major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and MLB League Division Series. Tracee was previously commissioned by HBO to create a multi-platform campaign for its’ digital on demand service HBOGo. The campaign featured Queen
Sugar’s Rutina Wesley and The Wire’s Michael K. Williams.  
Tracee has also appeared in several national television commercials for global brands such as FedEx, HBO, AT&T, and Arby’s. Fun fact: Tracee has never eaten at Red Lobster. No cheddar biscuits for her. Sorry, Black Twitter.  

Always hosted by Marina Franklin- Trainwreck, Louie Season V, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Conan O'Brien, and HBO's Crashing