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Friends Like Us

A Podcast featuring women of color with different views on hot topics. 

Jan 31, 2024

The Ridshare Queen Deanna Dixon and Vanessa Fraction visit friends and discuss different perspectives on success and more with host Marina Franklin.

Deanna Dixon, renowned as the Rideshare Queen, has woven an extraordinary narrative as an esteemed background vocalist for icons like Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Monica....

Jan 24, 2024

Suzette Simon and Ashima Franklin visit Friends and discuss advocating for your breast health, securing health aid, touring with Katt Williams and more with host Marina Franklin! 

Suzette Simon is the founder of NYLaughs, a New York-based nonprofit that produces free comedy events in public spaces to inspire audiences,...

Jan 17, 2024

Hollie Harper and Nonye Brown-West discuss the fallout from the Katt Williams Interview, Tariji P. Henson's fight for The Color Purple cast, T.D. Jakes and more with host Marina Franklin. 

Hollie Harper is a comedy nerd from South Jersey. She is currently the creator and co-exec producer of Hella Late! with Hollie...

Jan 10, 2024

Vanessa Fraction, Pat Brown, and Kenice Mobley visit friends and discuss diversity attack, quantifying your resolution, Rudy Giuliani's attack on Georgia election workers, and more with host Marina Franklin. 

Vanessa Fraction is a talented and hilarious comedian, actress, and writer who has made her mark in various...

Jan 3, 2024

We love it so much we aired it twice! Listen to favorite episode with Sarah Cooper, Zainab Johnson and Erica Switzer join friends and discuss Sarah's new book: "Foolish", Zainab's new comedy special: "Hijab's Off", and young star Erica Switzer. 

Sarah Cooper is a writer and comedian with millions of followers across...